Sept. 25-27


The Westin
Nova Scotian

1181 Hollis St
Halifax, Nova Scotia




Pre-Course Material




Delegates registered for the Canadian Gas Association’s Regulatory Course are asked to review the pre-course materials for the event in advance. The materials include the following.

  • Basic Accounting Concepts
  • Rate Regulatory Framework
  • Regulator Independence

Basic Accounting Concepts
This document provides an introductory review of the field of accounting for those without an accounting background. It is important that you become financially literate because the rate regulatory process uses financial data extensively.

Rate Regulatory Framework
This document provides an overview of the body of knowledge of rate regulation. It does assume a prior understanding of accounting and economics. It fully exposes you to all the phases, steps and activities of rate regulation (except the legal or procedural ones).

Also found as part of your general background documents are:

Delegates are not required to bring these pre-course materials to the Course; however a calculator is needed for some simple mathematical concepts during the course.


Click HERE to Download the Pre-Course Materials